Interview With Ben Lim – Online Marketer

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In today’s interview on MMO Blogger we have an interview with Ben Lim creator of the Wprotect Plugin. He’s a 19 year old South Korean student who’s gotten seriously into internet marketing since 2017.

Although  he’s not a marketing guru like most others in the MMO niche, he consume’s as much valuable information about marketing through books, videos, and forums, and implements it through launching products that he thinks will benefit new internet marketers so that we can grow together.

1. What got you interested in online marketing? Share your story.

After I had dropped out of high school because the school system in Korea wasn’t helping me get closer to my dream of going to a university in America, I had a lot of free time on my hands but nothing really special to do because I had no source of income.

If I wanted to visit my friends who lived in cities far away, I had to use money for transportation, food, and entertainment. If I wanted to travel the world for a while, I had to have money. So like most of the people who are desperate for money, I searched on Google “how to make money online.”

There were a lot of methods listed in the search results, but I never really stuck to one method. I tried it for a day or two, said it didn’t work, and just threw in the towel. Whenever I felt the need for money, I repeated that none stop.

Then I read books on how to become rich. One of them was Rich Dad Poor Dad. Through that book, I got to know about the Cashflow Classic game available for free on

Then I got obsessed with it. One day, while playing the game, I met a guy named Steve (fake name for his sake). He told me about how he was generating positive cashflow with a website although the amount was only a couple hundred dollars.

Since the amount was not astronomical, I trusted him and we got to talking more through Skype because the game ended. He had the same philosophy about life, work, and money as me. It was although he was literally a reflection of me, but just born in a different country.

So I instantly trusted him 100%. When he told me he was willing to teach me how to do the thing that he was doing, I was just shocked to my core. I quickly accepted and from then on did what he told me to do despite having doubts about myself all through the journey.

That’s how I got seriously interested in online marketing or affiliate marketing to be specific. From then, I got a bit distracted by shiny object syndrome and did this and that with no real success until I landed on the product launch method.

2. In terms of product ideas, how do you come up with most of the product ideas?

Now I have never created a product myself from scratch yet. I just partnered up with a great product creator and told him I would do all the online marketing without any other cost to him.

But if I were to come up with a product idea, I would 1) go to wherever the people in my niche are and 2) listen to the problems/complaints that they have.

This seems to be the common denominator between many make money online products and typical business advice.

3. What are 2 or 3 tips you could share with others who plan to release a new internet marketing product in 2017?

I’m honoured that I would be asked this question because I’m not that experienced yet. But if I were to give 3 tips to my younger self planning to release a new internet marketing product, it would be as follows.

Tip #1. Don’t sell products you wouldn’t purchase yourself and you wouldn’t feel great having.

Tip #2. Make sure your transactions benefit all the party involved.

Tip #3. Make sure you create the product in the spirit of helping others rather than in the spirit of taking money from others.

I tried to make sure I followed these three tips closely when launching WProtect.

4. What gave you the idea to create Wprotect?

Again, I didn’t create WProtect. A developer in Mongol named Ganjargal Bolor created that amazing product. I only happened to come by it because one day I couldn’t log into my site because a plugin malfunctioned and I was scared.

I couldn’t imagine how devastated I would be if someone actually hacked my site. And I didn’t want this terrible experience to happen to others. So I contacted Ganjargal and made a deal to provide a special offer just for the Warriors in Warrior Forum.

Then I took it upon my duty to launch this product and at the very least get people to be aware about the security, so that even if people don’t buy the plugin, they will at least do something about the threats lying dormant all around us.

5. What are the benefits of Wprotect?

The biggest benefit of WProtect is that it is like an “all-in-one” security plugin for the masses. It blocks hack and intrusion attempts and alerts people the instant someone tries to do something with your site.

It has so many features inside that you don’t need to install extra plugins onto your site and slow your speed down. Everything can be handled with just a few click of a button, so you can focus your time on building your business rather than trying to learn more about website securities.

And the plugin keeps a detailed record of everything that happens to the website with and without you, so you can easily trust that WProtect is doing its job.

You can check out and purchase Wprotect at the warrior forum.

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