Interview With Christian Phyfier – CEO of GPME Group

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Today on MMO Blogger we have an interview with Christian Phyfier, CEO of GPME Group the parent company to 11 different subsidiaries including The GPME Agency.

Newest company The GPME Agency specializes in digital entertainment marketing and advertising, helping assist musicians, athletes, dancers and more in reaching a larger audience on various social media platforms.

Founded in 2012, Christian believes in transparency during every discussion with each client on what they can expect to happen over time, and how the company is going to make it happen through the services purchased and representation provided.

The company takes pride in educating independent entertainers on the business side of their industry, helping them monetize and obtain financial freedom with their talent.

1. What got you interested in entertainment marketing? Share your story.

Entertainment Marketing kind of fell into my lap. I started in the industry as a Talent Agent, and in effort to never become complacent, and help my clients achieve their goals independently, we began studying marketing. We’d research how business marketers and advertisers were creating click funnel style advertising for their clients, and figured a new way to apply the same system, just toward music and entertainment. After a few clients saw social growth and monetized it, we created our 3 step process to assisting each client in entertainment and a template for marketing anyone else.

My story can be long and elaborate but the only thing I can say that applies to anyone reading is, keep moving forward, keep adjusting and keep thinking positively about your goals. Be relentless, be a goal psycho, love it when they call you a crazy workaholic, it just means you’re doing what most people are unwilling to do.

2. In terms of marketing ideas, how do you come up with most of your ideas?

Each marketing plan for each client is a blend of the clients desires for their career and our team sitting around discussing how we can reach our clients audience in the best way. You can’t take your own personal point of view, or even the point of view of the client. We have to look at it from the perspective of the audience. Each video needs to capture the attention of the audience in 3 seconds, hold their attention and have clear intent.

3. What are 2 or 3 tips you could share with others who plan to get into entertainment marketing?

A. Work to create success for your clients, not for yourself, and your personal success will come.

B. Reputation is everything, never compromise that for a dollar.

4. What gave you the idea to create the GPME Group?

When I was 12 I met a really cool guy. Growing up where I was, the type of black men that you met that were considered cool, didn’t always have the best professions Lol. Anyway, He dressed nice, had a nice car and had really cool relationships with people who would help him to get things he needed completed. I asked him what it was that he did and he told me he was a Sports Agent, and from there all I could think about was becoming one.

I became a talent agent at 23, which is younger than most. It was hard to sign clients when there were so many bigger named agencies that they could choose from. GPME started as a single entity, no Group and at the time we did business and entertainment marketing. When I signed my first actress and my first musician, I realized there was a lot of relationships and connections that I didn’t have, which resorted to me asking for favors or begging people to do things for my clients. I hated that, so instead, I began acquiring different companies to be umbrella’d underneath GPME, which turned into the GPME Group, so then there was no need to ask for anything from anyone.

5. What are the benefits of the GPME Group?

The GPME Group is the parent company that represents freedom, hence the tagline “Independence Is Freedom.” From our very own digital networks and studios, to the Agency and Web hosting company, we are the place where entertainers and various entrepreneurs can come and feel the level of safety and comfort in knowing that the products and services they need accomplished will be done and completed in a timely fashion and for a great price, guaranteed.

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