Traffikrr Review – Using YouTube Videos For Viral Traffic

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Welcome to our Traffikrr Review on MMO Blogger. Every online business needs lots of traffic to get them conversions. However when your just starting out on your online adventure its not easy getting started.

You could search the web for hundreds of products and course’s that claim to help make you money online. But many are just pure crap, thats why at MMO Blogger we only review 100% genuine guaranteed to work products. That’s why we are bringing you our Traffikrr Review and previous reviews like our Meme Traffic Monster Review.

This WordPress plugin will help you get tons of traffic for free to your website. Traffikrr is a great idea and does all the work for you after a very easy initial setup.

Traffikrr Review – Overview

  • Created By: Glynn Kosky
  • Name: Traffikrr
  • Launched: August 8th 2017
  • Sales Page: Click Here
  • Refund: 30 Day Guarantee

Traffikrr Review

What is Traffikrr?

Traffikrr is a brand new WordPress plugin that builds you a viral traffic pulling website in minutes. This is a totally brand new plugin and unlike anything else available on the marketplace.

Traffikrr is a fully automated tool that works in your WordPress back-end building viral money websites with ease. It uses any content from YouTube you desire and works in just about any niche out there.

Further on in our Traffikrr Review we will reveal even more amazing things about this plugin and why we feel its a must have WordPress plugin.

About The Traffikrr Author

Traffikrr is the brain child of Glynn Kosky, a well known person in the world of affiliate’s and development. He’s launched some amazing products in the past including Instant Traffic Jacker.

Traffikrr was created to simplify website building and traffic generation. In our Traffikrr Review we will try our best to prove to you why you should go and purchase today.

Features & Benefits of Traffikrr

  • Build Your Money Site Instantly

Traffikrr works in your WordPress back-end and builds your website at lightening speed. Once its up and running it will automatically go out and keep bringing in the hot content from YouTube and promote it across social media sites such as Facebook.

  • Generate viral traffic

Traffikrr is way ahead of its competitors when it comes to creating viral traffic. It’s super easy to drive traffic with this plugin.

And it’s not just Facebook, Traffikrr can also push your content to Twitter, LinkedIn and even Tumblr.

  • Edit video overlay

Another great feature of the Traffikrr plugin is the ability to add video overlays, these can be anything from banner adverts to CPA Offers or even opt-in forms to boost your mailing list.

TraffikrrHow Does Traffikrr Work?

Traffikrr works is just a few simple and easy steps that Will only take a couple of minutes.

Set Up – Install the Traffikrr plugin to your WordPress website, choose which YouTube channels you want to get your content from.

Create – Once you have completed the set up of Traffikrr, it will automatically create your content at the set intervals you chose in the set up and maximise the conversions, whilst at the same time pushing the new content to your social media accounts.

Enjoy – Once your fully up and running just sit back and relax and watch as the traffic starts to pour its why into your website.

Watch The Traffikrr Review In Action Demo

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Traffikrr Review Conclusion and Price

At this moment in time Traffikrr is selling for just $37 for the basic package. And do we think you should get it………. ABSOLUTELY we do.

We have setup a brand new website from scratch running Traffikrr for you to check out take a look at Snapback Universe.

Thanks for taking the time to read our Traffikrr Review and we hope you have lost of success in using it on your next WordPress website.

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